LSAI Labs is an independent, accredited, analytical testing services laboratory located in Indianapolis. We are focused on serving the needs of Environmental Consultants and other broad range of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, oil & petroleum, agricultural, waste generators, municipalities, etc. requiring chemical analysis.

Quality Control LSAI’s strength includes Analytical testing with rigorous calibration, bias elimination, and error minimization leading to superior and accurate results. LSAI has developed a robust quality system and ensures that customer satisfaction is given the top most priority.

LSAI Labs has advanced, state-of-the-art equipment required to perform specialty and routine analytical testing. We have instrumentation such as HPLC, multiple GC/MS, XRD, Automated Purge and Traps for Organics analysis. Pre-concentrator for Air & Vapor analysis. Graphite Furnace based Atomic Absorption spectrophotometer (GFAAS), CVAA Mercury Analyzer, ICP-OES, Microwave digester and XRD for Metals and Inorganics analysis.

LSAI Labs is a Minority Supplier. We are recognized by the Federal Government as a WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) and EDWOSB. We are also registered as MWBE with the City of Indianapolis.



Environmental Testing

LSAI provides testing for several EPA methods involving Organics, Inorganics and Metals in varied types of water, soil, waste, and sludge matrices. Read more...


Air Analysis

LSAI is a leader in Air Analysis. Full range of testing including Vapor Intrusion (Soil Gas, Indoor Air), Ambient and Emission Testing Services for monitoring Air Quality. Read more...


Stack Emissions

Determination of multi-train metals (several) emissions from stationary sources via EPA 29. Successfully reported metal emissions from power plants to regional EPA offices. Read more...


Analytical Services

With our state of the art instrumentation and experienced staff we are capable of providing Analytical & characterization services. Read more...



Jan 2018

    LSAI Labs continues to expand our services! Now offering Flash Testing - EPA 1010 Closed Cup flash testing. Call for price and details.

Sep 2017

    LSAI Labs scores "EXCELLENT" rating for VOC in blind test! This means LSAI scored 100% acceptable data on the entire WP-270 VOC analysis.

Jul 2017

    LSAI Labs makes a huge leap forward with state of the art ICP-OES and Microwave Digester. Our brand new ICP (Inductively Coupled Plasma) instrument is capable of remarkable sensitivity and extreme versatility of analysis.

Apr 2017

    LSAI Labs continues to expand our services. We now have the capability to do Toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) In-House.

Mar 2016

    LSAI Labs can now run TO-15 air analysis 24/7. Our latest expansion is the Entech 7650-M Million-Air system.