Air Analysis

Vapor intrusion sampling is an important part of EPA regulation. LSAI is capable of providing Vapor intrusion (Soil Gas, Indoor Air), Ambient Air and Emission Air Testing Services for monitoring Air Quality. Environmental Consultants need reliable, accurate results from various methods such as TO-15 (VOCs), TO-12 (NMOC), TO-3 (VOCs), many more tests and LSAI Labs is the best source. We have State of the Art equipment that is expertly maintained to give you accurate, reliable, and consistent results.

LSAI has capabilities to measure and analyze broad range of air contaminants comprising of VOCs, Air Toxics, and Hazardous Air pollutants via several methods. Our equipment will be able to provide the much required low detection limits on your samples and projects ranging from 0.05 to 0.5 ppbv (depending upon the compound of interest).

LSAI maintains the following State of the Art Air Analysis Equipment:

  • Silonite Coated (Inert & Passivated) Canisters - 1.4 Liters & 6 Liters
  • Mass flow controllers – Inert Coated to meet 1, 8 and 24 hour sampling needs
  • Automated Summa Canister Cleaning Systems
  • Preconcentrator and Diluter to report to the desired concentration range and limits
  • Million Air system with an Auto sampler that enables to quickly screen the air samples by injecting 0.1 CCs and prevents down time and 24/7 analysis.

LSAI Labs is the best choice because we have the best equipment and technical expertise in testing a full range of Volatile Organic Compounds. We have the equipment you need, when you need it. Proprietary Silonite coating is completely inert, it won’t react and it won’t corrode so you get consistent results. Analysis on State of the Art, automated equipment that can run 24 hours to give you fast and reliable results.

Air Analysis Policy

"Did you know? The EPA doesn’t specify test can size, and most sampling can be completed with a smaller, lighter 1.4L can."

Need it now? We can help! We know sometimes you can’t schedule tests in advance, that’s why we maintain a complete inventory and are prepared for fast response. Call for service today.

LSAI has very quickly gained the reputation of a reliable Analytical Testing Lab partner to several of its clients. Please call us today about how we can help with air analysis and your analytical testing goals.