Analytical Services

With our state of the art instrumentation and experienced staff we are capable of providing Analytical & characterization services.

  • Identification and characterization of Unknown analytes.
  • Determination of Assay of various analytes in pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, agricultural, Food Additives, Cosmetics, etc.
  • Determination of extractable & leachable.
  • Method development for quantitation of analytes in various matrices followed by method validation.


  • Physical & Chemical characterization
  • Unknown Identification


  • Method development for quantitation of analytes in various matrices and mixtures.
  • Validation of methods by studying accuracy, precision (repeatability & intermediate), linearity, range, LOQ, LOD, robustness, ruggedness, specificity, and forced degradation.

Quality Control Lab

Quality Control (QC) testing involves pre-defined and systematic measurements which assist in checking and monitoring batch-to-batch variations that impact product quality and performance.

LSAI has partnered with several chemical manufacturing companies by serving as their reliable QC chemistry lab. LSAI understands the critical nature of this job and continues to generate accurate, consistent and reliable results with a rapid TAT using its advanced, new instrumentation, experienced and trained chemists.

LSAI’s strength includes Analytical testing with rigorous calibration, bias elimination, and error minimization leading to superior and accurate results. LSAI has developed a robust quality system and ensures that customer satisfaction is given the top most priority. Please call us today to see how LSAI can help you by taking on your QC testing and relieve you from this task so that you can focus on increased production and sales of your product(s).

X-RAY Diffraction (XRD)


X-ray powder diffraction (XRD) is a powerful, well-established non-destructive technique for characterizing both organic and inorganic crystalline materials. XRD is used for research, competitive analysis and quality control in industries Read more...

Organics Analysis


Organic compounds analysis is very challenging when compared to trace metals analysis on account of thousands of potentially toxic organic compounds or contaminants relative to limited number of metals that could be present in samples. Read more...

Trace Metals Analysis


LSAI provides testing for several EPA methods involving Organics, Inorganics and Metals in varied types of water, soil, waste, and sludge matrices. Read more...