Stack Emissions

EPA 29: Determination of multi-train metals (several) emissions from stationary sources via EPA 29. Successfully reported metal emissions from power plants to regional EPA offices.

LSAI performs the analysis via GFAAS as it is capable of providing the PPB level detection sensitivity. ICP-OES cannot provide this level of sensitivity. We use matrix modifiers to limit interferences and matrix match all standards. LSAI also has a CVAA Mercury analyzer for analysis of Mercury.

EPA 29 Method : A stack sample is withdrawn from the source, particulate emissions are collected in the Probe and on a heated filter, and gaseous emissions are then collected in impingers in an aqueous acidic solution of hydrogen peroxide (analyzed for all metals including Hg) and an aqueous acidic solution of potassium permanganate (analyzed only for Hg). The filters are digested via HF digestion in a microwave.

The recovered samples are digested, and appropriate fractions are analyzed for Hg by cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy (CVAAS) and for Sb, As, Ba, Be, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Pb, Mn, Ni, P, Se, Ag, Tl, and Zn by Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectroscopy (GFAAS). Also, GFAAS is used for analysis of Sb, As, Cd, Co, Pb, Se, and Tl as occasionally these elements require greater analytical sensitivity than can be obtained by ICP. Mercury is analyzed via mercury analyzer

TO-12: The air samples are analyzed to obtain a single value (total NMOC) that characterizes the overall levels of hydrocarbons in the air. Some computer models use total NMOC concentrations as a critical input for forecasting ozone concentrations.

NMOC (Non-methane Organic Compounds) are analyzed via method TO-12 in canisters or tedlar bags. The analysis is performed via loop injection and cryo-trapped where all of the VOCs are trapped except methane. No GC column is required for the analysis and the NMOC is detected as a single peak via FID without a column.

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